A quick intro

Just wanted to start this blog off with a little about me and why I started this blog.

I am 33 years old and like many around my age my gaming started with Nintendo. NES was my first intro into gaming followed by Sega Genesis and then all the Playstations. Once I got my first PC though I was hooked. I was there for the beginnings of FPS with Wolfenstein, Doom and Duke Nukem. FPS took over my younger years they all received too many hours to count, I was even considered one of the top players in the original Red Faction. I still regularly play FPS but only casually and that’s mainly because MMO’s came around.

Rather than trying to go thru my whole mmo history I think I will just make this quick and list my main mmo’s that I played over the years just so everyone can get an idea of my history with the genre. I have tried just about all of them at one point or another but these are the ones that hooked me and got a good amount of my time. My mmo path was UO to SWG to WoW to SWTOR. Currently I raid with a dedicated team in SWTOR and I also play WoW casually.

I wanted to start this blog just to share my experiences and thoughts with others as well as to have a timeline of my gaming. I look back on past raids and events in mmo’s as fond memories and I think it will be cool to have a written history of some of these moments. This is just a side thing for me right now but with that being said I would not fight it if this thing took me into the industry some how. I’m a huge fan of gaming, not only playing them but everything about them so I spend a lot of time just reading about gaming and consuming any insights into the industry.

I won’t bore everybody any longer. I’m sure more personal details will be in future posts, no need to try and cover it all in this one. Let’s get to gaming posts! 🙂


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