Warlords of Draenor: Week 1


The reigning champ of MMO’s released it’s expansion last Thursday and leading all the way up to that day I was on the fence about the purchase. I knew I wanted to play the expansion but with Dragon Age coming out this Tuesday and the SWTOR expansion in just a few weeks I was contemplating just waiting until the first price drop. Ultimately it came down to a combination of the free 90 and so many friends going back that made me pull the trigger on the pre-order.

The first few days were plagued with massive queue times due to ddos attacks that forced Blizzard to lower the caps on the servers but by the time the weekend rolled around they had patched a few things and everything was running smoothly again for the most part. Thursday after work I was in queue for 2.5 hours (only to watch the server go down about 30 minutes later) and Friday was about 1.5 hours. Over the weekend I logged in early in the morning and never logged off but judging from general chat it was reduced even more during primetime. This week I have had no queues at all while logging in after work. So yea, bit of a rocky start with queues and there was some various bugs on top of it all but Blizzard has already come forward apologizing and offered everyone 5 free days to make up for the troubles. Personally, other than the queues on the first two days I have had only one other issue. I hearthed to my garrison at the end of one night and got disconnected, tried logging back in but couldn’t log into any character on any server. The next morning I got up and logged in with no issues and sent out some followers on missions before work.

Leveling went fast, really fast. Especially after I realized how lucrative bonus quests are. I didn’t ever get a beta invite so I came into this expansion with just basic knowledge of everything so I learned quite a bit bringing my main, an undead shadow priest, to level 100. I got one level on launch day before queues stacked up again after the reset. Friday I picked up a couple more levels and then finished my way to 100 over the weekend. OK, technically it might of been 12:30am Monday morning but close enough. I could of certainly done it quicker but I was enjoying myself and not really in any hurry.

I will do more posts in the future going over features more specifically but overall I have really enjoyed the new features WoD brings to the table. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the garrison as much as I am that’s for sure. Followers and the mission system are a nice addition as well. It may be simple busy work but it’s nice to have a little something I can work on if I am not able to really sit down and have a good gaming session. I can do things around the house and be logged into my garrison and at least make a little progress in game without much input needed. If they gave us control with an app it would be even better and I am actually kind of surprised Blizzard didn’t do that.

Now that I am level capped I have a few pieces to earn before I can get into heroics which shouldn’t be difficult since I have enough honor stored away to buy one pvp piece. The silver proving ground (which is also needed to queue for random heroics) as dps wasn’t too bad on my shadow priest, I had to restart a couple times due to some slip ups but I was in and out with relatively little fuss. Check back in the coming weeks for my adventures into the end game and leveling my alts through Draenor.


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