Warlords of Draenor: Week 2


Week 2 has come to a close and I thought I would drop in and update everyone with a quick post. After hitting level 100 I went ahead and jumped straight into the queue for a random dungeon. I was a few ilvl points shy on getting into heroics so regulars would have to do. I wanted to track how often I got drops so I made sure to write down the count on each one after. Here is the details on that:

1st run went 0 for 3 , 2nd run was 1/5, 3rd run was 0/1, 4th run was 1/3 and 5th run was 0/3. So that’s 15 boss kills and 2 drops. Considering I watched 2 or 3 items get looted off of most bosses I felt like I had a pretty unlucky start. I did have a few partial runs in there though which may have thrown things off. Doesn’t matter because in the same time I was able to get 3 pieces from follower missions. All 5 upgrades were enough for me to get into heroics.

Most of this week was spent in queue doing random things in Draenor and running heroic dungeons. Queue times weren’t too bad as dps at around 20-30 minutes. If I remember right it was around 45 minutes back in Cataclysm around this time. My drop rate seemed to turn around and stabilize for heroics. Too bad I keep getting the same helm and rings over and over though. But despite that fact, I have been able to get to ilvl 633 with some crafted epics and the helm from the limited 40 man Molten Core event. Overall I have enjoyed the new heroics despite the usual asshattery by a few select players in random groups. It’s only the second week into the expansion and we already have people berating others over their gameplay. It’s really sad to see some of these bad habits, that usually form toward the end of an expansion when everyone out gears the content, forming so quickly into a new expansion.

Let me first say that this was only a few bad apples in a whole week of running dungeons but it’s enough to scare some people away, including my wife. She hasn’t even tried a new dungeon yet. After all the trolls we dealt with in LFR at the end of MoP she is just not interested group content with randoms. Once I get my tank up and we can queue with friends I will be able to get her in there but until then I’m not sure she will partake in any 5man content at all which is really sad. It really makes me wonder why these trolls even do it. I mean why bother queuing for a random if your standards are so high? Shouldn’t you have other elite players to run them with? In my experiences they are usually bitching when the dungeon is going just fine too, its just not fast enough for them. I will cut it short here before this turns into a giant rant post. Perhaps I will do one on just this topic later with some possible solutions to help prevent this behavior. It’s never going to go away but I think it can be reduced with some design decisions.

So in summary it was a pretty good week for me gear wise and I am ready for raids. I even finished the first legendary chapter and got my 680 ring and the raid ready achievement. The ilvl is there but I’m still short a few 630 pieces and I’m not dialed in with the best in slot items yet so my dps can still improve. I don’t have a guild to raid with so I will be putting the raid finder and premade group finder to use over the next few weeks. I will make sure to report back in with how all that went.




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