Quick Update

Just wanted to drop in after the holiday break with a little update. So many games! So little time!

-World of Warcraft-

Things have been pretty slow in WoW over the last month. Mostly garrison maintenance with some alt time sprinkled in. I finally decided to burn my free 90 on my lowly 30 something Monk. Currently he is 94 and is my 2nd highest alt behind my 97 Paladin tank. I have really taken a liking to WW Monk and will probably push him up to 100 next. I have also started Draenor on my Alliance alt, a Dwarf Warrior who was actually my very first character and raiding toon until the tail end of Burning Crusade. I have done the fist two sections of LFR and compared to Mists I’d say they are even easier. Seriously if you are STILL scared to jump into a LFR group you should reconsider because it really is a walk in the park at this point. I’m actually looking forward to trying a normal mode out using the premade group tool but I better do it soon before the absurd ilvl requirements start. I might already even be too late considering the douchey community of WoW.

-Heroes of the Storm-

Wow, this one really surprised me. I installed it out of pure boredom one night. I have ZERO experience with MOBA’s so I didn’t have any expectations going in. I was pleasantly surprised to find a simple but fun and strangely addictive game. You will find yourself saying “Just one more game” over and over with this one. The pricing on the heroes is interesting because I found myself enjoying some of the cheaper ones way more than the more pricey options. I have a bunch of gold saved up to buy some heroes but haven’t picked any up yet, just been enjoying each weeks free roster so far. I realize this is a more simple and stripped down version of a MOBA but I can at least see what all the fuss is about now. Before I assumed these games were basically WoW arenas as a free standing title. Needless to say I was way off the mark on that one. After reading about the differences between HotS and LoL and DotA I can safely say this will probably be the extent of my MOBA experience though. All the “added depth” in LoL and DotA seemed like a pain in the ass to me. This is Blizzard doing what they do best strip all the excess and boil it down to just the good stuff.

-Star Wars: The Old Republic-

Raiding has begun! After the holiday break my raid team is officially meeting on specific nights again to crush some big bads. Boss bugs aside things have been going well in story mode and I can see us starting to push into hard modes very soon. I am still adjusting to playing Sniper after being an Op healer all the way up until now but I am enjoying it. Currently running marksman spec but I am going to give virulence a try after hearing it has more damage potential in many of the boss fights because of all the movement. My sniper and operative are all I have at 60 so far, I’m thinking my assassin will be next.

-Dragon Age: Inquisition-

I picked this up on launch and have put a moderate amount of time in it so far. I think I am currently level 10. I have a strange relationship with this game, some parts are amazing and others just feel tedious and boring. Overall I enjoy the game and recommend it but for some odd reason I haven’t felt the draw to really pour some time into it. Part of it probably has to do with the timing on the release, I hate that we get so many great titles all around the same time every fall. The fact that I am currently playing two mmo’s doesn’t help either, too many shallow fetch or kill quests can wear a man down. The combat is fun and as always the story and its delivery are great so I will definitely continue on.

-Far Cry4-

More of the same but still fun as hell. I don’t know what it is about these last two Far Cry titles but I really dig them. I am typically not a 100% complete guy but these games get me into that mode big time. The map is just covered in things to see and I want to see them all! This game has completely hooked my Dad and has me actually considering buying it on PS4 to play co-op. For me a shooter on console is the devil, I grew up learning shooters on Duke Nukem and Doom for PC with mouse aiming and have never looked back. I am willing to handicap myself to get a chance to play with pops though. Should be interesting to see how my slow and stealthy approach meshes with his run and gun chaotic approach. I can see it now, “Go in there and stir up the hornet’s nest Dad, I will pick off the outliers.”

-Sim City-

*GASP* I know this game got horrible press and was released without an offline mode which basically melted the internet down on launch week but I feel I should still mention that this game ended up stealing two full days from my vacation. It now has an offline mode and was like 25 bucks with the expansions so after an unlimited trial for 4 hours I went ahead and made the purchase of the full game. It’s not perfect but it still has all the hooks that the series is known for. I was just looking for a change of pace after all the questing I had been doing in all the other games I am playing at the moment. On a whim I gave it a try and I am glad I did, it’s a shame they goofed the launch so bad for this one. I can’t help but wonder what launch would of been like if they shipped today’s version of the game.

Ok this post is getting lengthy at this point so I will wrap it up. As you can see I had a pretty good holiday break full of gaming. One of the few benefits of being broke after a wedding. Hopefully I can find some time to write about some more meta topics in the gaming industry here soon, I got plenty of ideas for posts it’s just so hard to take the time to make them happen!


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